Puppy Time

Lunas litter is sold out, Kodas litter is due in about 7 weeks, they do go fast so contact me now if interested.



First is fearless Maximus and fearless Luna

Second will be fearless Maximus and fearless Koda

**We are getting our list together now so contact us.

Our Kennel

Our goal at Fearless Cane Corso’s 775 is to have and breed Corso’s that are extremely well socialized and have the kind of temperament that a dog of their size and strength should have. That is why all our dogs come with us to our business (we own 5 dry cleaners in the Reno, NV area) from the time they are 9 weeks old until they are around 8 months old. Each dog is different though and some need less time and some need more. We do this so that they are around all kinds of different people, noises, experiences throughout the initial stages of their lives and develop into confident, well rounded Corso’s.

We also strive to have Corso’s whose size conform to that which the breed has been since it originated, not the oversized, overweight ones you see a lot nowadays. These dogs don’t have the speed or agility that the breed has come to be known for. It is being proven that these oversized Corso’s actually have far less bite strength then those that conform to the breed standard. Of course there are always outliers in size but we try to not breed oversized dogs simply to have the biggest dogs. We want dogs that come from good bloodlines and have a history of health and breeding oversized dogs can cause many problems with their joints, hips, etc.

Fearless Koda (female)

Koda is an amazing dog and by far the fiercest protector of the family, especially my 2 kids. No one could do anything to them around her. They are her favorite people and she is so loving and gentle with them. Read More...


Fearless Luna (female)

Luna is our kennel's athlete, she is one of the most athletic dogs never mind just Corso’s I’ve ever seen. Her jumping and directional changes on a dime are just crazy. As you can expect from a dog like this she has the biggest drive of all our dogs, she never tires of running, jumping or doing anything active. And you can see that in her build, being somewhat leaner then the others and being just pure muscle. Read More...

Fearless Maximus (male)

Max our stud is literally the smartest and most trainable dog I’ve ever had. Once he has been shown or told something once or twice he has it and this from the time he was 9 weeks old. His temperament is truly the best I’ve ever seen in a dog. He waits for her or sees from me if something is good or not and then he goes according to what I show him. His intelligence at only 10 months now is amazing and ahead of all my dogs. Read More...