Fearless Koda

Koda is an amazing dog and by far the fiercest protector of the family, especially my 2 kids. No one could do anything to them around her. They are her favorite people and she is so loving and gentle with them.

She definitely has that natural Corso instinct to protect her family and is wary of all strangers until she knows from me that they are ok. She is just ultra loyal and when out on walks in the desert or woods won’t even leave our side. My other dogs wander off and explore but she makes sure she watches everything and stays right with us.

Her size and strength are what you want in a Corso, being 24.5in and 95lbs. She maintains the athleticism you want in your dog along with the strength that makes for one intimidating combination.

She comes from distinguished bloodlines having internationally renowned champion X-Man as her grandfather, and blood from Scandifio's, valle de lord, and guerras which are proven bloodlines.

Fearless Koda Pictures

Fearless Luna

Luna is our kennel's athlete, she is one of the most athletic dogs never mind just Corso’s I’ve ever seen. Her jumping and directional changes on a dime are just crazy. As you can expect from a dog like this she has the biggest drive of all our dogs, she never tires of running, jumping or doing anything active. And you can see that in her build, being somewhat leaner then the others and being just pure muscle. Her size is right in that perfect Corso standard being 24in and 85-90lbs depending on the season and her activity level.

She is the sweetest dog we have, all that drives her is for someone to be petting her and showing her love. She definitely warms up to strangers much quicker than Koda and accepts them as soon as she sees they mean no harm. Then she makes them pet her until she’s satisfied.

Her bloodlines like all our dogs come from proven kennels and champions

Fearless Luna Pictures