Fearless Maximus

Max our stud is literally the smartest and most trainable dog I’ve ever had. Once he has been shown or told something once or twice he has it and this from the time he was 9 weeks old. His temperament is truly the best I’ve ever seen in a dog. He waits to her or see from me if something is good or not and then he goes according to what I show him. His intelligence at only 10 months now is amazing and ahead of all my dogs.

His size is definitely going to be on the larger side of the Corso standards, being already 25in and 105lbs. We are being very watchful on his growth and feeding though to keep him from growing too fast or getting out of proportion. We don’t try to create the BIGGEST dogs at a detriment to the dog and the breed and although Max is gonna be very big, his 105lbs already is lean and very proportionate.

He is a beautiful Corso, his head shape and size and black brindle coat make for such a distinguished combination. Everyone everywhere we go comments on how amazing he is.

His bloodline is the most distinguished of all our dogs. Coming from Garmr and Banner Mountain and his father being a champion. His grandmother on the sires side was 2020 best of breed at Westminster and a grand champion, in fact 3 of his 4 grandparents were grand champions. So he comes from great blood and proven dogs.

Max gets his first AKC show win, on his way to becoming a champion!!!